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Jack The Ripper !!!

Un commentaire ???

Un commentaire ???

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Nothing that we -open mind sport enthusiasts- did'nt really know before :

1) RC is the fastest rider in the world

2) Everts is very strong, smart, efficient and a true sportsman. He reckoned on post-race ITW's that he did'nt have what it took to beat RC today. He DID get a pitboard saying "relax" when RC was closing though (similar to what RC got during the last moto in MXDN 2000 when Tortelli was closing, and eventually passing him - after a dogfight).

3) Belgium had the best team.

4) Glad they did, because the promoters did'nt built a course which was favorizing the Euros; GP guys fell like puppets on those not-so-rough (and out of place) whoops; the dirt was soft, similar to the prepared loam you get at the Nationals while most GP's have been raced this year on slippery hard pack which require more finesse and fits the 4 strokes better.

5) This considered, Ferry and Ryno did not look like they were any superior to the good GP riders out there (Crockard, Coppins, etc.). When Timmy gets as bad a start as he got today, anywhere in the Nationals he'll cut through the pack more easily than he was able to do before his crash (and don't forget many GP regulars were absent or riding the B race).

And that said, I am still convinced that Everts, as Great as he IS, would take 2/4 good seconds a lap by RC, depending on the track, at a National. But unlike Windham, he would keep that pace during the whole moto and may end up close to him.

Everts, Pichon, Smets, Gundersen, Coppins, Crockard, etc. would all be top material in the US (behind RC/Bubba).

But (except for Pichon) they don't race SX.

Funny how SX was created as a side complement to MX, did'nt get serious respect before the late 80's (reading old MXA's taught me a lot on that issue) and has turned into the premier game out there now.

Being able (or willing) to ride SX better does'nt necessarily make you a better outdoor rider.

And we've seen today that you can be/become a top outdoor rider without riding SX.

You just have a hard time getting global respect... and get paid 5 times less (which values the SX skills a lot!).


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